Before we talk about me, why not talk about you first?

  • You are destined for greatness!
  • You are meant to achieve and inspire your friends & family!
  • For your mission in life you are willing to do all the things and make all the sacrifices that the 99 % are afraid to do.
  • You own your sh*t – you take command of building a better life!

If this sounds like you, welcome home. You’ve found a great community in this little pocket of the internet.

Project Afford Anything is a project that focuses on giving you the best tips & techniques to afford anything!

But before you do that, you will need to make some money. And this is where I come in place.

Hey, my name is Suheyl Ünüvar, I’m an internet entrepreneur teaching people double or even triple their income.

I tell people all the time that your income should double every three years. And my goal is to get you there!

Welcome to an online community that’s building financial independence. I’m glad you’re here.