How To Afford Anything (Lamborghini, Mansion, Rolex, …)


This KILLER article will explain to you how you can afford anything in this world. It is one of the few strategies that work.

So you want to drive a buggati divo, own a mansion, buy overpriced watches and all that. Basically you want to afford anything!

The simplest way to understand how people attained that rank is by reverse engineering their success.


First and foremost lets clear up the most demanded topic, how to afford a Lamborghini?

Precise explanation: start your own business

People want things that they dont have or cant have!


My third car, afford anything my man!
2008 Lamborghini

When I bought my 2008 Lamborghini, it was all fun in the beginning.  But several months later I noticed I want something classier. So I bought myself a Rolls Royce. And the game goes on.

Looks great right? :) You can afford anything!
2008 Rolls Royce





I always wanted the thing I didn’t have. Before I had anything, I wanted a Lamborghini; I couldn’t resist.

But really watef*ck? Are you even conscious of the fact that your mind plays you a game every time it sees something it can’t have? You automatically want it.

99 % of the people work this way. Let’s say you see a Rolls Royce (you caught me), and you may be automatically getting this reaction or need of I want this too.

And trust me once you drive a Rolls Royce you will want to have something better than that. It never ends. You could be financially free, afford anything in this world, but you’d still want more. And that my dear friend, is the devil playing with your brain right there!

How to defeat or fix the fact that your brain always desires more?

Next time if the feeling of “I want it because I don’t have it” resembles, first of all, recognize it. Breathe deeply, consciously detach, let that crappy vibe fade out of you, and get back to your state.

Know the fact that your brain is playing you by wanting the thing you don’t have.

The most simple instance. You love someone, what do you do? Most of the people will chase the person. Why? Because the brain wants the thing, it doesn’t have, or cant has. And once you have it, you want something better.

You could marry the world’s most stunning, gorgeous women or man. She/He could be a perfect 12 (1-10), but the fact that you are married and you have her tells your brain this isn’t enough. I want extra.

We all learned this from our childhood (wanting things we don’t have) civilization installed it into our brain. But the matter of fact, they injected pure bullshit.

I’m here to tell you that whatever you desire in this world, ANYTHING! Anything is only for changing your emotion.

Everything we desire in this world is only for changing our emotion

Why do you want a Lambo? Why do you want a Rolex? Why do you chase the one girl/men? Why do you get angry?

All these are only for changing your emotion. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not telling doing these is wrong or so, but realize where it comes from!


Now let me tell you what happens. You allow the circumstance to control your emotion, but what few people know, you can manage your feelings any second. Any time. Anywhere.

You clicked on this article to know how to afford anything, but you end up with far more than that.

But for those who want to know it now, to afford an expensive Rolex, Lamborghini, you need to read my article on the success-formula. Because let’s be straightforward if you own a Lambo, its not your only car, and it reasonably won’t be your favorite vehicle. Why? Come on after you drive a Lambo you want to have something classier, that’s all the time. Trust me, buy a Lambo, drive it for three months, and you want to have a Rolls Royce. But anyway don’t get me off track here.

Now, how to afford a Lamborghini? How to obtain a Rolex? How to own a mansion? Basically afford anything?

Isn’t that why you clicked on this article?

Here is the secret: Few people do know that most of these things-prices are based on the country. I read somewhere that in these 20 states you could afford a mansion with a 9 – 5 job.

For the Lamborghini, the easiest way to drive one is to have a business, there is no way around. Because the business can afford that. If you want to drive a Lamborghini, you should at least have made ten million € in your past in total.

If not then don’t even think about it. Because the Lambo won’t be your only car! It should never be!

For the Rolex, do you want to know how to afford them? Man is going, to be honest with you, go to the darknet. There are plenty of choices.


If you want to drive a Ferrari, Lambo, buy an expensive watch, own six mansions (you caught me again), afford anything, then, first of all, KNOW THESE:

  • People want things that they don’t have or can’t have!
  • Everything we desire in this world is only for changing our emotion

You want a Ferrari, does it apply to the two statements above?


Fuck the Ferrari, because, after the Ferrari, a McLaren comes (i made a mistake), trust me, man, trust me. If you buy it from a place of “I want it because I don’t have it” you will end up way more with 200k in debt.

Whatever you desire in this world, compare it to the two statements above. Whatever you want, don’t let your brain trick you.


Do I have your attention?

Did you know that by adopting the habits of millionaires you can cut out 70 % of the essential work & effort it takes to be one?

No? Even better because I wrote a whole book on it only for you with the purpose of helping become financially independent this year.


And I promise you if you adopt their strategies, you will be a millionaire in a matter of months. You will be able to afford anything! (No joke, the tactics mentioned are worth millions!)


The only book you need to succeed this year!


Hey you, I'm Suheyl.
And here's what I believe. You are destined for more. You deserve more. You are more. And my goal with this blog is to show you how you can achieve that exactly.

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[…] How To Afford Anything (Lamborghini, Mansion, Rolex, …) […]


[…] How To Afford Anything (Lamborghini, Mansion, Rolex, …) […]

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