11 Terrible Mistakes I Have Seen Amateur Blogs Make (Real-life Examples Included!)

No matter how successful we are now, we were all once amateur bloggers.

I was once an amateur blogger too.

If you were part of my community last time, you would have seen the transformation of my brand and I have gone through – in a good way.

I made all the classic mistakes. But with each mistake I made, I fell down but got back up much stronger and wiser.

Being an amateur blogger is actually GOOD NEWS. Say what?!

It shows that you actually had the guts to start without needing to have everything perfect. If you start and have everything figured out, you have started too late.

Here are common mistakes that amateur bloggers make – if you’re doing them, stop and learn!

11 Mistakes That Amateur Blogs Make

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1. Not self-hosting


Your journey starts when you launch your website, and many amateur bloggers do it all wrong.

The first mistake new bloggers and entrepreneurs commit is choosing not to self-host their website. Most don’t do so because of ignorance.

Self-hosting your website is essential because it ensures that you own your own servers. It also allows you access to a great variety of essential plugins that bring various functions to your site.

This means no wix, no weebly, no wordpress.com, etc. Only wordpress.org.

If you choose any other option aside from self-hosting (aka wordpress.org), you risk the chance of losing all your content if your the company shuts down or decides to close your account for whatever reason. You don’t own your business assets. 

You can learn more here: Can’t Decide What’s The Best Blogging Platform to Use? Answers here.

Btw, the best blogging platform is Bluehost, get it here. Its high quality & very cheap!

If you have not started your website yet, you can learn how to start your self-hosted blog (the right way), this 6-day blogging for beginners series has been shared over 50k times and is hands-down the best resource for new bloggers to start a new blog the RIGHT way.

2. Not making it a priority

I was hobby blogging for years and years before I decided to take things seriously. Blogging as a hobby and blogging as a business owner is completely different. You invest in different tools. You spend different amounts of time. You take time to strategize and even follow a blog business plan.

If you want to build a successful business around your website, you have to make it a priority.

When you aren’t earning a single cent from your blog, it is easy to put your biz on the backburner. It goes without saying that the amateur bloggers with the most motivation and pure grit to figure things out will be able to start and grow a successful blog.

How badly do you want it? Do you have what it takes to stick it through?

Because if you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Simple as that.

Amateur bloggers don’t take things seriously. But once you start making blogging and your online business a priority, things move faster and shift simply because your heart is in the business now.

3. Ugly website


Even when I was on a tight budget and was just starting out, I invested in a good theme. I scrimped and saved everywhere but I spent on a theme because I saw how important it was.

When you have a ugly website, nobody takes you seriously. People think you aren’t reliable, let alone hand over their hard-earned cash to you.

Yes, there are people who built successful businesses with ugly websites, but they are few and far between and normally have some kind of X factor.

I have seen many amateur bloggers try to wing it with a free theme. There are many reasons why you should use a reliable theme right from the start:

  • Reason #1: A good theme will update regularly for bugs. Free/bad themes tend to end up slow and ridden with errors because there is no maintenance by their owners, or because they are coded with very bloated code.
  • Reason #2: Good themes are used by many people – hence any errors due to updates (eg WordPress updates, plugin updates) would be quickly found and eradicated
  • Reason #3: Good themes are typically better for SEO as they are faster and have in-built SEO functions
  • Reason #4: Good themes are more flexible and have built-in functions that you would need, so you don’t have to hire someone every time you want to change a button.
  • Reason #5: Good themes look professional and provide a great first impression

Unfortunately, I do not know of any free themes that I would classify as a good reliable theme. This is because when a theme is free, there is generally no incentive for the author to keep maintaining it. Makes sense?

I’ve been around for so many years, and I have never seen a.single.one.

Either that, or something that many themes will do is that they will market the theme as “free” but actually you would need to pay for most of the necessary functions. No thanks, I would rather pay up-front than be hoodwinked later on after I’ve spent a lot of time on a theme.

As you can see, it is absolutely essential to invest in a good website theme or you will be wasting a lot of your time trying to get a bad theme to work for you (it will never happen).

I recommend getting the Divi theme. The Divi theme is extremely customizable and can get you a personalized and professional looking site really easily. Its drag-and-drop builder and how everything is made for someone that isn’t tech savvy is perfect. Divi is one of the most popular themes on the market today.

Another option is Genesis, a high-speed theme that I would recommend to you if you are familiar with code. It is amazing too, but may be hard to customize if you’re a beginner.

4. Not planning your blog posts ahead

Would you believe it if I told you that I have at least 300+ blog post ideas waiting to be written? Planning ahead is crucial because it shortens the inertia it takes to publish something new.

Once you get over the “honeymoon phase” of starting your blog you would realize that you need to post regularly and it may be hard. Having a schedule and plan helps a TON.

5. Not starting an email list from day 1

I know, I know… it’s that email list thing again.

I am proud to say that I started my email list conscientiously from day 1 and it has more than paid off for me. However, I know a lot of blogger / entrepreneur friends who did NOT start their email list from day 1 and thoroughly regret it now.

Starting an email list ASAP is absolutely important because an email list allows you to nurture your traffic and get them to buy from you when they are ready. Unlike social media platforms, you have control over your subscribers and do not have to worry about sporadic changes in social media algorithms.

If you don’t know why you should start an email list.

If you want to start your email list TODAY.

I use and recommend Convertkit as my email service provider.

Click here to go to convertkit. Best email service provider for new bloggers!

6. Not optimizing your posts for Google

You should optimize your posts for Google from day 1, otherwise, you will have to go back to all your old posts down the road to update them – it is very troublesome.

There are many aspects to SEO, but at the very least – have your blog post title and description optimized for keywords that people are searching for on Google. This will allow your content to be found on Google.

7. Not having a plan to promote

You would soon realize that when it comes to promoting their blogs, some people recommend Pinterest, others swear by Facebook groups, etc etc etc.

The thing is, everyone has their own plan and strategy. You can’t just take a piece of someone’s promotional strategy and expect it to work.

8. Comparison

I used to look at other people’s blogs and think that I would never match up. How am I going to compete with that popular blogger that everyone loves? Oh look at her shiny website. Oh look at the hundreds of customers he has.

Never compare yourself to another entrepreneur. I learnt from my mentor a quote that will stick with me for life: “Never compare your chapter 1 to another person’s chapter 5”.

Comparison is a poison to your motivation. You start feeling like you aren’t good enough. You feel like you cannot get your brand to stand out from the crowd.

I sincerely believe that everyone was created with a unique message to share with the world. Just because your message is different from someone else’s doesn’t make your message less worthy. They have simply learnt how to present themselves to the world because they have been working at this for a longer period of time.

Everyone starts somewhere so stop comparing and fight your own battle.

9. Never listen to someone that hasn’t done what you want to do

There are many gurus out there. When purchasing courses or hiring a 1:1 mentor, do not hire someone that hasn’t achieved what you want to achieve.

If you are hiring a designer and she has a crappy looking site, you probably should think twice.

Should you hire an SEO guru that doesn’t have a presence on Google?

If you are hiring a business coach, does he/she have a business that you want to reach someday?

10. Scared to invest

When I was starting out, I wanted to make some tweaks to my website to make it look nicer. Because I was on a tight budget I went for someone on Fiverr… guess what? It took me weeks of back-and-forth and the job was terrible. I ended up losing my money, wasting weeks of my time AND not having the job done. I recommend Codeable for such jobs now if you’re looking for someone to fix things!

When it comes to business expenses – there are 2 kinds of investments: Necessary and unnecessary expenses.

The problem most people face is that they don’t know how to differentiate one from another.

Some are too conservative and never spend at all, causing them to scrimp and save and waste months trying to piece together something that just doesn’t work. Some examples of necessary expenses for new bloggers and entrepreneurs include:

  • Starting a blog with self-hosting via Bluehost
  • Starting your email list with a reliable email service provider like Convertkit
  • A beginner blogging course that doesn’t cost a bomb to give you the right profitable strategies like Launch Your Blog Course (BEST COURSE HANDS DOWN!)

… And then there’s the other extreme of people who spend too much – they succumb to shiny object syndrome and buy random courses they don’t need at the moment.

What are some examples of things you don’t need when you’re first starting out?

  • Hiring someone. At least learn how to do things in your own business first before hiring someone else.
  • An advanced email service provider like Infusionsoft.
  • Things like Zapier or setting up your sales funnels (not yet)

Learning to differentiate is key. Be a wise business owner – spend just the right amount on the right things at the stage that you’re in for your business.

If you can’t differentiate hire a 1:1 mentor who will guide you closely.

11. Relying on ads and sponsored posts

There are many ways to monetize your online blog + business, but they are not all equal.

It is of my strong opinion that all bloggers and entrepreneurs should NOT try to monetize their site with ads or sponsored posts because you are earning pennies and have to get a TON of traffic to your site before you can make a full-time income.

They usually don’t bring much value to your readers nor do they allow you to engage and give to your readers in the best way possible.

In fact, it used to be difficult to create and get your own online course up and running, but with technological advancements, it is no longer difficult anymore. The course hosting platform I use and love is Teachable.


Okay – I will end it here. If you’re just starting out, you probably would have learned a lot from these 11 common amateur blogging mistakes.

Here are the 11 amateur mistakes once again:

  • Not self-hosting your website
  • Not making your blog + biz a priority
  • Ugly website
  • Not planning your blog posts ahead
  • Not starting an email list from day 1
  • Not optimizing your posts for Google
  • Not having a plan to promote
  • Comparing
  • Listening to someone who hasn’t achieved what you want to achieve
  • Scared to invest
  • Relying on ads or sponsored posts

I hope that you have found this useful! Even if you have unwittingly committed some of these, you can always learn and move forward. There’s a certain kind of strength that comes from falling and picking yourself up.

You can do this!

God bless,


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Recommended Blogging Resources (MUST READ)

There are so many tools and blogging resources out there for blogging and to be honest, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Over the last few years, I have been trying out many different blogging resources, services, and tools, often jumping from one to another trying to see which ones work best.

So today, I want to share with you some of my favourite blogging resources and services that I have used and still use to run my blog, which has really helped me in growing my blog into a business.

1) WebHost

If you are new to blogging? The first step is to build yourself a Blog, and I have a tutorial guide here. I recommend using Bluehost as your host.

Related Article => How To Start A Money-Making Blog In 2019: The Easy 6-Step Ultimate Guide

  • They have a remarkable customer care service, which is fast and reliable.
  • It is super affordable.
  • Fast-click WordPress installation.

Or if you are looking into moving hosts, Bluehost is a reliable web host. 

Click here to visit Bluehost – It’s cheap & reliable

2) Selling Digital Products (Course).

This is one of my other absolute favourite ways to make money with blogging. This is where you create digital products and sell them online. 

The good thing with selling digital products is that you are in complete control of how your income will be. There are many different digital products you can create but below are the main examples of digital products that bloggers often create.

  1. Online e-courses – This is an educational course or class taught to students via the Internet.
  2. e-books – These are online books that you create and sell for people to read easily by readers, they can be read on mobile phones, tablets, and even their computers.
  3. Video tutorials or workshops – Videos are a great form of delivering educational and informative lessons, discussions or ideas, which are often much easier and quicker to understand than simply reading.
  4. Offer One-on-One Coaching program.- This is where you work one-on-one with people to get personalized advice directly from the expert in their field. So you answer any questions or give others advice for a fee.

I would claim my success in selling and making digital products to this course 6 Figure Blogger by Create and Go. It shows you what kinds of digital products to create, where to sell them and how to make even more profit.

It the best course out there that will help you grow your income by selling digital products. One of the best blogging resources.

You can check the 6 Figure Course by Create and Go right here. (It’s awesome)

3) Pinterest

The other main way to quickly boost traffic is via Pinterest. Every month, I get over 45,000 page views from Pinterest alone, all thanks to the course

  1. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

These two courses have everything that you need to know about Pinterest, absolutely everything. 

Get Pinterest Avalanche here. It will skyrocket the traffic of your blog. I can promise.

4) [BONUS] ConvertKit


ConvertKit is an email service provider that specifically helps you build an audience and practice email marketing such as sending emails to your subscribers.

This also allows users to automate emails, so all you need to do is write an email and choose the day and time that you want your email to be sent.

There are other email service products out there, but I find ConvertKit to be easy to use and not too complicated technically, unlike many other blogging resources.

You can get a free trial for ConvertKit here. It’s very easy to use


Let’s list the blogging resources again here, so you have a better overview.

  1. Webhost – Bluehost
  2. Selling Digital Products – Six Figure Blogger Course
  3. Pinterest – Pinterest Avalanche
  4. ConvertKit – Email service provider for blogger

Thanks for reading, now don’t be like 99% of the people. Take some action, an action that will get you closer to your goals.

See you soon,


How To Start A Money-Making Blog In 2019: The Easy 6-Step Ultimate Guide

Do you want to start your own blog and start making money on the side? This guide will show you the 6 easy to follow steps to get your blog up and running in no time at all – basically, in less than 1 hour and at a very low cost!

I (Suheyl, currently 17 years old) started my Blog ProjectAffordAnything a few years ago. I was sick of school and decided to start a blog (also because I recognized early if I keep doing what I’m doing I will end up being a 9 to 5 slave, and I didn’t want that no matter what). That turned out to be the best decision of my entire life.

Fast forward a few years later, I’m sitting in this sexy 911. I sadly can’t drive this baby yet, because in Germany you need to be 18 to legally drive without parents.

So, come along and let me show you how to create your blog as a beginner and start earning passive income this year.


There are many reasons for why people start a blog. For you, it may be to:

  • Display your creative writing skills
  • Boost your business’s online presence
  • Make money online using affiliate marketing
  • Start a work-from-home business
  • Share your personal story
  • Help others interact with their immediate community or a wider audience on specific issues
  • For fun
  • Or, a combination of some or all of the above. To put it simply, blogging is a booming industry and it can change your life in so many good ways.

If your goal is to achieve any of these objectives above and more, blogging can help you get there. For example, there are many bloggers who earn six-figure incomes monthly through their blog! Starting your own blog may be the key to reaching financial independence several decades earlier, and to become your own boss!!

This is your ultimate guide on how to start your money-making blog. PIN and save for later so you can come back at any time to refresh yourself!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.


Before you start a blog, you should know what you want to talk or write about, what service you want to provide, or what products you plan to sell.

For example, let us assume you want to write about photography. it would make sense that you know something about taking photos and have a passion for all things photography. You will be expected to have a show-case of great photos to attract readers who are into photography or who are looking at taking up the hobby.

The same goes for any other topic area. Whether it is fashion, food, online businesses, or what have you, you will need to have some knowledge, expertise, and/or liking of your subject and be willing to share that with others.

The more information you have at your fingertips, the easier blogging will be. However, this does not mean that you need to be considered an expert (or know it all) to blog about anything. If your content is interesting, you will find an audience.

To recap, the first step when starting a blog is to define your general niche or topic area. This could be personal finance, travel, fashion, food, productivity and personal development, DIY, crafts, parenting, kids, health and fitness, real estate, etc.

It may also help to narrow down your focus. For instance, personal finances can be further broken down into – saving money, making money, investing, frugal living, debt management, retirement planning, estate planning, getting out of debt, FIRE, and lots more.

Finding your purpose for blogging will give you focus and ensure success.


I have a had a few blogs over the years that did not gain any traction and simply died off. The reason for their failure was due to my choosing the wrong platform from the start. I will go into why you want to choose the right platform, but to answer your question upfront, you are always better off starting your blog on the WordPress platform.


Pro Tip: Pair up the WordPress platform with a great starter hosting like Bluehost ($3.95/month) to ensure success early on.

A blog platform, also known as the Content Management System (CMS) is what determines how your blog functions, how you write and publish articles, what options you have for tweaking the design and settings of your blog, and more. The more flexible a platform is, the better for you.

A majority of blogs run on the WordPress platform – 60% worldwide (over 75 million) – and there’s good reason for this! Popular websites like CNN, New York Post, Fortune, TIME, WIRED, BBC America, TechCrunch, and ProBlogger are all built using WordPress.

Alternative platforms out there include:

  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Drupal

Of these, Blogger is the next best option after WordPress.

WordPress comes in two different versions – WordPress.com and WordPress.org. For long term peace of mind, growth, control and monetization of your blog, you should choose the WordPress.org platform.


A self-hosted WordPress site is one that uses the WordPress.org platform. Some of the reasons why they are superior include:

1. It is super-easy to use and comes with tons of plugins and other useful tools. 2. You can customize/brand your website address to whatever you want e.g.

  • yourname.com
  • yourproduct.com
  • yourbusiness.com

As opposed to some other platforms where you are limited to generic names like:

  • yourname.blogspot.com
  • yourproduct.tumblr.com
  • yourbusiness.wordpress.com

3. You can place income-earning adverts on your blog and monetize it as much as you want.

4. It is secure.

5. There are tons of third-party tools and plugins built specifically for blogs on the WordPress paltform.

To summarize Step 2, you should think long-term when choosing a blog platform. Free platforms like Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, and Weebly will limit your ability to fully customize your blog and also make money off of your blog, should you choose to do so.


You can easily pair up WordPress with a web host like Bluehost and have your blog up and running in few minutes using their one-click WordPress installation. This option gives you everything in one place!


After deciding on your niche and choosing a blog platform (hopefully WordPress), you will need to choose a web host to make your blog accessible on the internet. Choosing the right web host is a big deal! This is because your hosting provider determines:

  • How fast your blog loads aka page load speed. Web visitors quickly bounce off a website page that loads too slowly.
  • If your website is online and accessible all of the time aka uptime.
  • How secure your website is from hackers.
  • How much support your get when you have questions and for troubleshooting.

My preferred web hosting service provider is Bluehost!

bluehost-sign up

With Bluehost, you get:

  • A free domain name for 1 year ($11.99 value!)
  • 1-click WordPress install
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Free SSL certificate (this is an extra layer of security for your visitors)
  • Hosting starts at a discount price of $3.95/month (50% off)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free custom email
  • Automatic software updates

These are just some of the many reasons why Bluehost is currently the web host of choice for more than 2 million websites worldwide. You can click here to get your discounted rate of $3.95/month and start your blog today.

You can also choose other hosting plans based on your preferences below. The basic plan works great for most beginners.


A domain name is your blog address, such as Google.com or “mynewblog.com.” It is the address that people type into their web browser when they want to access your blog’s home page.

Your domain name should be relevant to what you blog about and tell readers what to expect. For example,

–  If it’s a personal blog about you and your work, it could be your name e.g. AshleyJane.com.

– If you want to sell arts and crafts, it could be something in the likes of: CraftsAndDIY.com

– If you are blogging about how to make money, you could choose: MoneyMakingTips.com, etc.

Not all blog (domain) names you choose will be available. If your web hosting provider is Bluehost, you can search if the domain name is available. They give you free domain names for 1 year.

If you already have a domain name registered with a different provider, you can simply enter it during the sign-up process.

If the domain name you are interested in is not available, you can choose a different variation e.g. AshleyJane.com vs. AshleyJane.co.uk vs. AshleyJane.ca vs. AshleyJane.net, etc., or a totally different name that works for your purposes just as well. Mind you, “.com” extensions are the most popular and will easily be remembered.

At this point, you now need to complete your registration.

1. Enter your personal details.bluehost account info2. Choose your hosting package between 1-3 years in advance. The 3 year package offers the best value for your money.Bluehost - packageApart from “Domain Privacy Protection,”I generally skip all the other add-ons. if you think you need them at a later date, you can always get them then.

3. You will be prompted to enter your billing details and submit the form.4. It is time to choose a password for your account. After setting your password, you can login.Password5. WordPress is automatically installed (Woohoo!!).


When you log-in to your new blog (link would look similar to this – http://www.yourblog.com/wp-admin), you will need to install a theme.

A theme is what determines how your blog is laid out and how it looks on the front and backend. There are many free themes that come pre-installed on WordPress, including themes like “Twenty Twelve,” and several hundreds more.

That being said, I strongly advise new bloggers to avoid free themes. While you can easily test-drive your blog with these free themes, if you want your blog to look great, you should spend a little money on a “premium” theme before you launch.

Following from Step 4, if you signed up with Bluehost and have been following the installation steps, you will now be prompted to choose a theme:

The theme options Bluehost will show you are all FREE themes and you can choose one of them to start your blog. Alternatively, as mentioned above, you can upload your premium theme at this stage to save you the stress of redesigning your blog later. My choice of a premium theme is one of the easy-to-customize options from Elegant Themes here.After installing a theme, you can start designing your blog. You are now ready to start customizing and can also go ahead to write your first post! Indicate whether your new website is “personal” or “business,” or simply choose “I don’t need help.” Your blog is now up and ready to roll!!

If you have any questions with any of these steps, you can reach Bluehost’s support on a 24/7 basis via email, live chat and phone.


The theme I use is Extra from Elegant Themes. They offer you a suite of over 87 themes that you can choose from. When you purchase a license, you gain access to all 87+ themes and also some truly awesome plugins (tools) including: Divi Builder (drag and drop page builder), Bloom (for email opt-in forms), and Monarch (a great social media sharing tool for your blog).

Elegant themes offer some of the best themes available on the market and they currently boast of well-over 500,000 members. Their popularity is based on the fact that you do not need to know anything website building to use their themes. Non-techie people can easily use their drag-and-drop functionality, and they come loaded with pre-made layouts for different blog/business set-ups.

You can get the Elegant Themes package here at less than $1 per theme plus a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Why You Should Choose a Premium Theme

You should build your blog using a theme that meets the following requirements:

  • It is updated regularly and secure against hacking attempts
  • It looks great, professional, and will attract and keep loyal visitors
  • It should be easy and flexible to customize – most are simply “Drag” and “Drop”
  • It should be responsive and conform to any device – desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • It should be light and load quickly
  • You should have access to FREE support from the developers. For example, Elegant themes provide chat/email support where you can get help for setting up, customization, and more.

After installing your preferred theme, it is time to design your blog. You should start with the home, about, and contact pages. You can now start to publish new posts and begin reaching your audience.


blog image 2If the reason for you starting a blog is to make money, this section addresses some of the ways to generate income from your blog. it’s no secret that there are many bloggers making thousands of dollars and even six-figure incomes per month from their blog. I make a few thousand dollars every month from this blog you are reading right now (www.savvynewcanadians.com), even though I have not yet fully utilized its money-making potential!

So, what are your options for bringing in the moolah?

1. Sell Your Product and Services

Many people start a blog/website in other to sell specific products or services.

For example, if you want people to hire you for your skills e.g. photography, writing, graphic designs, virtual assistance, social media, consulting, etc. Or, you may want to set up a shop to sell different items which may be physical or digital (including online courses, eBooks, printables, software) and use the blog as part of your SEO or visitor engagement strategy.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is what a majority of bloggers use to generate money…lots of money…like up to six-figure incomes per month every month of the year. Unlike option #1 where you are selling your own services/products, affiliate marketing is about helping someone else (another business or blogger) sell their products and earning a commission for your referral. You can simply promote their useful products within your own blog posts.

Some of the popular affiliate networks you can up for include:

3. Advertising

Allowing advertisement (ads) to display on your blog is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income. When visitors visit your blog, they view these ads along with your other content. Depending on your ad network, you can make money from these advert views and also when visitors click on them.

The most popular ad network for beginner bloggers is Google Adsense. When your blog gains some traction and you start generating more pageviews, you can sign up with the likes of MediaVine and AdThrive.

4. Sponsored Posts

Companies can approach you to write a review for their product or service and place on your blog. They will generally do this for a set fee. They may also offer to compensate you with a sample of the product, or do both (i.e. pay you in cash as well as give you a sample product).

The bigger your targeted audience, the bigger your clout, and the more money you can charge for sponsored posts.

There are lots more ways to make money with your blog. In fact, once your blog is up and has a following, you will have advertisers sending you multiple emails on a daily basis and offering you money for a review of their business, to place ads, for a link, and much more. I get anywhere from 3-6 of these kinds of emails on a daily basis.

To summarize, here are the 6-steps you need to take to start a blog:

Step 1: Choose your niche. Write about a topic that is practical and which you are passionate about.

Step 2: Choose the best platform for your blog i.e. a self-hosted blog on WordPress.org

Step 3: Choose a great web host that is fast and offers good support (I recommend Bluehost and you can start at $3.95/month here).

Step 4: Pick a suitable domain (blog) name.

Step 5: Choose and install a premium theme that is simple to customize and which increases your chances of success. I use one of the beautiful 87 themes in the Elegant Themes package.

Step 6: Start making money from your blog.



1) How can I promote and grow my blog?

The starting point for your blog to be successful is content – write great content and the traffic will come. With that being said, you can also speed up your blog growth by:

a) Putting effort into your social media game. There are many bloggers who bring in hundreds of thousands of visitors solely from social media channels (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc.) and alternative search engines like Pinterest.

Check out this awesome Pinterest Course for new bloggers who want to generate 50,000+ pageviews (from Pinterest) within a few months of launching their blog

Also, to grow your Pinterest traffic, it pays to automate your pinning with an automated scheduler like Tailwind. Get your FREE one month trial of Tailwind using this link plus a $15 bonus if you choose to purchase a plan later.

Lastly, encourage your visitors to share your content with others using social share buttons embedded on your blog. The Elegant Themes package comes with a FREE and excellent social sharing plugin – Monarch – which you can install.

b) Keep your contents fresh (evergreen) and useful. Google will rank information it deems to be fresh and relevant better than those that appear to be obsolete.

c) Build a subscriber email list of loyal followers using services like Mailchimp or ConvertKit, and keep them engaged.

2) Where can I find free photos for my blog posts and designs?

Great-looking images make your content stand out and be more appealing. While you can choose to purchase stock photos, there are several platforms where you can download FREE high-quality photos that can be used under the creative commons public domain license. Because these do not require any attribution, you will not be breaking copyright laws!

Websites where you can find free images include:

3) What are some of the essential plugins to install on my blog?

There are several useful plugins you should consider installing including:

a) Yoast SEO: This plugin helps to make your content optimized for search engines and will help you grow your organic traffic.

b) Google Analytics Dashboard: The Google Analytics plugin by Exact Metrics will help you see how visitors are using your site with real time stats showing how many people visit your blog, where they are from, pages they are reading, and more.

c) Akismet: When you start your blog, you will be surprised at how many junk/spam comments your blog gets. Akismet stops spam, it is as simple as that.

d) UpdraftPlus: This plugin makes automatic backups of your website so that if anything happens, you can restore a backup as simple as 1-2-3. The free version is adequate for most bloggers.

e) WordFence: While Bluehost already have security features in place to protect your blog, it does not harm to have additional protection using this free security plugin.

If you prefer a free option, check out Contact Form 7.

4) Where can I get help for designing my blog?

With the right theme, designing your blog is a breeze. For example, I use Elegant Themes and they provide tons of already fully-designed layouts with their themes that can simply be installed with one-click!

However, if you still need some help with completing some of the tasks, such as logo design, blog post writing, web design, and more, you can hire freelancers on sites like

If you found this post useful, please share it with others, pin for reference, and Follow Me on Pinterest! Thanks!


Making money blogging is my favorite thing ever.

In three years, I’ve gone from knowing nothing about blogging to making over $3k per month blogging while working full time.

You can make money blogging several different ways. I’ve listed 6 ways that you can get started making money blogging now that are the most popular.

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You can make money blogging through advertising on your blog. This is the most direct way to make money on your blog. You do nothing other than put ads on your site. You can use different ad networks, like Google AdSense and Media.Net.

The more clicks and views your blog gets, the more money you make from ads. This is a very common way for bloggers to make money when they first start blogging because it’s pretty easy once you get traffic going to your blog.

I used to make $50 / month from ads and now I make around $1,500+ per month from ads. So the more your blog grows, the more money your ads will generate.


You can make money by having sponsored posts on your blog. This means you’re paid for promoting someone else’s product or brand on your blog on in your social media. This could be a store, brand, product, or another website seeking exposure. Often, this also comes in the form of writing reviews (but not always).

Sponsored posts are an easy way to make money online through your blog, but it’s less steady that other types of income, unless you have an ongoing relationship or several sponsored posts per month. I know several bloggers who make around $1,000 / month from sponsored posts alone.


You can make money by selling other people’s products. This is when people make money through affiliate sales. There are several affiliate networks you can join online, such as Flexoffers or CJ Affiliate, or you can be an affiliate to individuals, too.

There are countless affiliate opportunities with affiliate relationships online. This is how a lot of bloggers make their money, myself included. I love this way of making money blogging because you don’t have to create your own product to get going. You can sell someone else’s product and make money doing it.

I highly recommend taking the Affiliate Marketing Training to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing. It’s a course that teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing.


You can make money blogging by selling your own digital products blogging.

I learned this from taking Six Figure Blogger, a course that walks you through exactly how to make six figures blogging by selling your own products.

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Example of digital products include selling printables, eBooks, and courses.

Making money on your blog by selling your own products is amazing because you have control of everything.  You can create anything that is downloadable, and then charge money for it. It’s amazing!

People make thousands of dollars a month alone by selling their own digital products (individually or as a course). This is definitely a money-maker!


Freelance writing is a great way to make money online when you start blogging. It’s technically not blogging on your own site, but it is lumped in with blogging in general. Freelance writing is where you get paid to write for other websites or blogs. You write content that is published on another site and that site pays you for it.

You can learn how to make money freelance writing by reading this article

Freelance writing is a great way to make money. I talk about how to start freelance writing here in my step by step guide. I know a couple people personally who have used my guide to start freelance writing and it landed them $350+/post gigs. Pretty awesome!


You can make money blogging by doing VA(Virtual Assistant) work or tech work. Bloggers who do this work make money servicing other people’s blogs. I know a lot of people who start out doing VA work to get money coming in, then transition out of it after their blogs generate more income.

If there is something that you can provide a service for online, then there is a market for you!


You can make money blogging through 1) ads, 2) sponsored posts, 3) affiliate marketing, 4) digital products 5) freelance writing, and 6) VA work.

If you haven’t made any money blogging yet, look into taking Make Money Blogging For Beginners. This course will teach you how to make your first $1,000 blogging. It will save you a ton of time and money down the road.

Make Money Blogging For Beginners Course

What I love most about blogging is that I can make money on my own time, from wherever I want — it’s complete flexibility.

9 Blog Niches That Have Six-Figure Income Potential

Your blog niche is crucial for your success. Blogging is lovely & lucrative; it attracts a lot of people into this business every day.

You may have noticed a lot of niche blogging sites that’ll help you start a blog. All you got to do is find a good hosting, select a domain name, install WordPress and *BAM* you’re golden!

Starting a blog is REEEAAALLY easy nowadays. 

But making money from it? Well… not so much!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my Disclosure for more info.

Some influential business figures claim that to make money, you’ll have to target the right audience. 

50% of which is done when you choose a niche.”Blog Niches” is a thing that a lot of people are concerned about because a niche drives a specific audience group. Which converts to more income.

But conversely…. it is not the absolute necessity for you to niche down your website to selected topics. Take Chasingfoxes.com for example. What is their blog niche? I have no friggin idea. Their blog covers everything under the sun, which gets MILLIONS of pageviews every single month.

And yes, more pageviews = more $$$.

Sooo…Why choose blog niches?

As said above, Choosing specific blog niches increases your chances to attract the like-minded audience who are only looking for what you have to offer, Which in turn increases your blog income.

Though there are many popular opinions around the blogging world that say ” You should always choose a niche you’re really passionate about” OR “Select a niche that you truly love “, If you’ve decided to make your blog niched, then choosing one of the some selected niches might be your best bet to grow fast.

Because some specific blog niches DO perform better compared to other blog niches (Income wise).

If I had a Yoga Teaching Blog, making money from yoga will be pretty damn hard for me unless I start a yoga clothing line or a sell a meditation music series or yoga courses. Yoga is good for traffic but terrible for money, even if you’re using ads, MILLIONS of pageviews a month will be required to make a decent income.

But a Personal finance blog will thrive despite getting only a fraction of that traffic.

Yeah! Making money online is funny (and confusing) like that. But I’ll admit that Niche does play some part in money making.

Eitherways, to have a blog that makes six figures (at least),  you probably have to join major affiliate programs Such as Flex offersAwinImpact, and ShareASale. (Which are pretty easy to join, even for a brand new blogger).

Join Affiliate programs –

1: Flex offers

2: Awin

3: Impact

4: ShareASale

So, Given below are the blog niches (in no specific order) that have the potential to make a six-figure income.

1) Food And Recipies

food and recipies blog niches

Out of all the blog niches present, Food blogs get millions (We are talking MULTI-MILLION) of pageviews each month. It is a bit challenging to sell products through a food blog because almost no one in the audience gives much attention to your product, they are there just for the recipes. 

Despite that, receiving such a large amount of traffic is enough to boost your income through display ads.

Another way to make an increase to that income amount is to write sponsored posts. Certain companies pay proper amounts to promote their content in these high traffic blogs.

One of the reasons why Food blogs are so popular is that the majority (80%) of Pinterest users (With around 200 million active users at the time of writing the post) are Females, Food blogs are a massive deal in the world of Pinterest.

Top Food blogger –

2) Personal Finances And Money Making

finance blog niches

Personal Finance and Money blogs thrive on the internet because most of us suck at money matters. 

Frugal living, budgeting and expense management are those boring but useful things that help make our lives a little bit better. But the majority of people have no clue how to handle financial changes.  Thus, makes this niche evergreen.

Did you know that saving money, money making and other topics related to capital is one of the most significant blog niches on Pinterest? There are some massive group boards just for frugal living blogger.


Top Personal Finance blogs –

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3) Health And Fitness

fitness blog niches

This is the most obvious one! I mean, who hasn’t in their life googled tips to lose weight, gain muscles or any fitness stuff in general.

We all do it.

Now, more than ever people are obsessed with fitness and getting in shape. Moreover, there is a veerryy low chance that you’ll go wrong in this niche, as because almost all the demographics in the world is into health and fitness.

Alternate health solutions are also widely popular in this area; people will always love alternative cheap remedies and cures to specific health problems compared to the mainstream medicines and surgical techniques. 


Now when it comes to Monetization your blog, you can always rely on display ads, sponsored posts, fitness coaching, and online courses.

Fitness blogs can also be as popular as Food blogs, and both the niches unite when it comes to “Healthy – Cooking.”


Top Health And Fitness blogs –

4) Blogging And Entrepreneurship

blogging blog niches

Entrepreneurship blog niches are pretty popular. Take Forbes and Business Insider, for example; they are massive. Even Blogs based on blogging are an excellent example of an Entrepreneurial domain.

As the time is changing, new income methods are beating traditional ways of earning. Entrepreneurship blogs are just a small window to reflect those methods, and sure enough, the audience loves it.

These blogs are also a great source of motivation for a good number of people who are struggling to earn or are not happy with the way they are making their money. 


Top Blogging And Entrepreneurship blogs –

5: Parenting

parenting blog niches

Parenting blog niches Come to great help to those who are going to be parents, new parents as well as parents with teenage kids. And then again when the kids become parents.

The cycle goes ON and ON.

Parenting is no joke, Being a parent is a hard task to do (which lasts for many years). I know because I am a son, and I was such a brat around the house that thinking about that now makes me realize



Besides that, Parents are always on the internet searching for the tips and guides to know what is best for their kids, which food is healthy during their growth, and educational activities for their kids. And these web searches is what makes parenting blogs win. 

And with such search terms, there are potentially thousands to millions to be made with affiliate marketing just by selling some guides, tips or games which parents think are might be useful to their kids.


Top Parenting Blogs –

6: Travel

travel blog niches

I want to travel.

My friends want to travel.

Most of my family wants to travel.


And for people with a job, these travel blogs is a great escape from their nine to five lifestyle. 

According to statistia.com in 2016 the global revenue generated by the traveling industry including transportation, accommodation, entertainment, and attractions was 7.6 Trillion dollar.

A significant benefit of being a travel bloggers is that, if you have a huge blog following, then certain companies will offer you to stay in their hotels and let you travel for free (or with a significant discount) if you share positive experiences about the hotel and services to your audience.


Frequently, what happens when we plan to travel somewhere?

We Google Zillion of things. Where is the best destination to travel, how to book cheap tickets, OK hotels, food, safety, attractions in that place, etc.? Travel bloggers provide in-depth knowledge to questions like these, the do’s and won’t’s, etc.

Though unlike most of the other blog niches, you HAVE to go and travel places to fill up your blog content, you can’t use your imagination. 


Yes! You have to make a beforehand investment for your traveling plans even before you start your blog. This very reason makes a lot of newbie bloggers NOT to choose “Travel” as their primary niche.

Top Travel Blogs-

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7: Lifestyle

lifestyle blog niches

Lifestyle blog Niches are MASSIVE regarding content and area of topics it covers.  A lifestyle blog is a blog that may have many different sub-topics. These blogs generally target one type of demographic – Self-confidence, college kids, pet lovers, style, inspiration, gardening, etc.

Or one can make their blog a combination of many subtopics like the ones mentioned before. Because of this idea, some bloggers think you can’t generate an income with a multi-topic blog which is not true at all.

For example:

Ashli from The Million Dollar Mama covers about 8 Topics in her blog – from recipes to blogging to travel and more. And she makes around $5000 just from Amazon by referring people.

One of the Biggest Advantage of Choosing a lifestyle blog is that you will NEVER run out of topics to write about. This very fact is the reason why bloggers can write more consistently without repeating the same topic over and over.

Top Lifestyle blog niches –

8: Fashion

Fashion is a very broad niche and 99.9% of this world’s population wants to fashionable and if that would not be the case all these fashion stores like Zara, Gucci, H&M, Supreme wouldn’t be as big as they are right now.

Fashion doesn’t only mean wearing good clothes it also means fitness, beauty, Personality, skin care, the way you behave with others and god knows what not.

There is a lot of money to be made in fashion potentially millions and you will never run out of content cause there so much to blog about.

On the other side it is truly HARD cause you have develop a personality of yourself which people would instantly like showing it through photos or videos.

Most of the fashion bloggers use YouTube and Instagram as a way of building up their following which is one of the most profitable ways of making money through brand sponsorship.

Brands could easily pay you 2000$ or more depending on your popularity and also don’t forget the free stuffs you will get from these brands and if you don’t like the product no promotion.

And also the affiliate commission of 8% and up on every product you sell and you don’t even have to do design any clothes or make anything yourself just pick the most good looking and affordable products and link out to them you could easily make sales.

9: Personal Development

Personal Development is a really big niche with a lot of potential.


Personal development blogs doesn’t really target a specific topic but a broad niche and create targeted posts.

You could find anything from motivation, mindset to solution to specific problems like depression or any other in a personality development blog.

While writing your posts you need to be very specific what type of audience are you targeting to and create the post accordingly.

Writing on generic topics without targeting a specific group of people won’t be as beneficial as targeting a specific group of people for generating traffic.

Some of the top blogs in Personality Development niche are

  • Addicted2success
  • Tim Ferris
  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich


Choosing one of the above blog niches might be your best bet if you want to grow fast. But, The mentioned blog niches above and all the popular blog niches present out there have one thing in common, which is-

They all make enough money to let bloggers leave their jobs and go FULL-TIME as a Blogger. Which is pretty amazing!

And if you haven’t started your blog yet because you’re unsure if this is ever going to work out? I would strongly, wholeheartedly suggest you to at least give it a go. You don’t even know what you might be capable of until you try it.

Know how to Start A Blog in this step-by-step Guide.

Is 2019 your year?

Is this your year when you FINALLY start your very own blogging business?

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