3 Best Blogging Tools for Beginners and Beyond in 2019

There are so many tools and blogging resources out there for blogging and to be honest, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Over the last few years, I have been trying out many different blogging resources, services, and tools, often jumping from one to another trying to see which ones work best.

So today, I want to share with you some of my favourite blogging resources and services that I have used and still use to run my blog, which has really helped me in growing my blog into a business.

1) WebHost

If you are new to blogging? The first step is to build yourself a Blog, and I have a tutorial guide here. I recommend using Bluehost as your host.

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  • They have a remarkable customer care service, which is fast and reliable.
  • It is super affordable.
  • Fast-click WordPress installation.

Or if you are looking into moving hosts, Bluehost is a reliable web host. 

Click here to visit Bluehost – It’s cheap & reliable

2) Selling Digital Products (Course).

This is one of my other absolute favourite ways to make money with blogging. This is where you create digital products and sell them online. 

The good thing with selling digital products is that you are in complete control of how your income will be. There are many different digital products you can create but below are the main examples of digital products that bloggers often create.

  1. Online e-courses – This is an educational course or class taught to students via the Internet.
  2. e-books – These are online books that you create and sell for people to read easily by readers, they can be read on mobile phones, tablets, and even their computers.
  3. Video tutorials or workshops – Videos are a great form of delivering educational and informative lessons, discussions or ideas, which are often much easier and quicker to understand than simply reading.
  4. Offer One-on-One Coaching program.- This is where you work one-on-one with people to get personalized advice directly from the expert in their field. So you answer any questions or give others advice for a fee.

I would claim my success in selling and making digital products to this course 6 Figure Blogger by Create and Go. It shows you what kinds of digital products to create, where to sell them and how to make even more profit.

It the best course out there that will help you grow your income by selling digital products. One of the best blogging resources.

You can check the 6 Figure Course by Create and Go right here. (It’s awesome)

3) Pinterest

The other main way to quickly boost traffic is via Pinterest. Every month, I get over 45,000 page views from Pinterest alone, all thanks to the course

  1. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche.

These two courses have everything that you need to know about Pinterest, absolutely everything. 

Get Pinterest Avalanche here. It will skyrocket the traffic of your blog. I can promise.

4) [BONUS] ConvertKit


ConvertKit is an email service provider that specifically helps you build an audience and practice email marketing such as sending emails to your subscribers.

This also allows users to automate emails, so all you need to do is write an email and choose the day and time that you want your email to be sent.

There are other email service products out there, but I find ConvertKit to be easy to use and not too complicated technically, unlike many other blogging resources.

You can get a free trial for ConvertKit here. It’s very easy to use


Let’s list the blogging resources again here, so you have a better overview.

  1. Webhost – Bluehost
  2. Selling Digital Products – Six Figure Blogger Course
  3. Pinterest – Pinterest Avalanche
  4. ConvertKit – Email service provider for blogger

Thanks for reading, now don’t be like 99% of the people. Take some action, an action that will get you closer to your goals.

See you soon,


Hey you, I’m Suheyl!

One of the youngest bloggers out there. I help women replace their rat-race income with blogging income in less than six months. This is my blog ProjectAffordAnything; Here you are going to learn how to start a successful blog to escape the rat race. Early on in school I took control of my destiny and started this blog that changed my life. 🙂

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Suheyl Ünüvar

Suheyl Ünüvar

This is Suheyl Ünüvar. He is 17 years old and makes a five-figure income while still going to school. He is also the author of the book Financial Freedom. He helps people by teaching them how to create a money-making blog to escape the 9-5 rat race.

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