How to Create and Sell Digital Products on your Blog

Learning how to create & sell digital products on your blog is an invaluable tool on your journey to make money blogging. We’re talking about eBooks & online courses, & scaling your blogging income to six figures & beyond.

You’ll always remember your first…

Ok, not that first. Get your mind out of the gutter, the Internet.

one year before this moment, I had quit my cashier job, & chose to become a full-time blogger.

I had a few friends coming up to visit the next weekend, so we decided to try to get our first product, an online course, made before we went on vacation to beautiful Cambodia

This led to a LOT of anxiety & tension. We had gotten into a huge fight while creating the product over arguments about minor details.

In further reflection, it turns out we were both scared merely nobody would want our product.

That nobody bought online products like this.

That we would fail & have to go back to our regular jobs forever.

But we sucked it up & pushed through.

We added our very first digital product to our website…

Then we went to for a trip & stayed at a pretty cool Airbnb in Cambodia. I checked my phone a lot throughout this trip would be the biggest distortion of the year.

I was expecting for that “Stripe Payment of $38” to come through on my phone (Stripe is our third-party payment processor – love those guys & can’t suggest them enough!).

Sadly, not a single deal came through that week.

How depressing…

6-7 days had passed before we headed home, it seemed as though no one wanted our product, & we were correct to have reservations before leaving.

That was until I logged in my Stripe account… You see, I had forgotten to set on email notifications for payments. I assumed it was automatically set up.

According to our Stripe account, we had gotten a few $38 payments!

Guys, I don’t really want to be too overdramatic here, but…

Seeing those first $38 payments made me feel like someone had hit me straight in the chest & knocked the wind out of me.

In really, really good way…

It felt life-changing & heavy all at the very time.

Yeah, we had put a lot of work into our blogs & had sold a few affiliate products at this point (at shallow margins)…

But selling your product?? That’s something else entirely.

It felt real, & it formed an unexpected connection & appreciation to our blog & the work that we put into it every day.

It was something special altogether & something I will never forget.

And, nothing to do with the cash either. It had everything to make with what the business represented…

  • The late nights
  • The fighting
  • The crazy decision to quit our jobs before we were making any money
  • They all quickly seemed worth it.

We had made what seemed like was impossible to us at the time, & it set us down the way of being successful bloggers.

And now it’s your turn.

1. Get your mind right.

It may seem ominous, but this step may be the most significant.

Selling something is all about appreciating yourself and the gift you have to share with the world.

Yeah, there are a bunch of two-bit peddlers selling half-baked products out there. And yes, a few of them earn some money.

But these people don’t get it.

They don’t know how their knowledge can change the world.

Here are a few mindset changes we have learned that served us succeed.

Everyone has doubts.

After the opening day or two of working on our Fat loss eBook, PK and I both felt the following fears, anxieties, and doubts:
worries and doubts over creating your first eBook or eCourse

  • We’re not high enough.
  • It’s going to crash like our first product.
  • Nobody wants this information or will spend for it (it’s free on the Internet like everything else!).

We were moments apart from not making our product because of a mass of fears and doubt.

PK and I never will forget that time because of how strong the emotions were. The tension was obvious.

The courage to push ahead seemed to stem from the opinion: “What’s the worst that can occur?”

We had already stopped our Fashion modeling jobs and essentially pledged our commitment to this blog, so let’s take it all the way.

I am damn glad we kept moving forward.

Here is the second truth…

People WANT solutions to their problems.

Could you invent an injection that I could take once a year that would give me the ability to get drunk with friends every evening without all the negatives that come with alcohol consumption??

High, because if you did, I’d gladly pay $5,000 of dollars for it.

I am not kidding.

Those moments with my friends are THAT important to me, but they also come with a lot of negatives I don’t like. Take those contradictions away for me, and I will be like…

shut up and take my money meme

People WANT solutions to their problems.

For some people, the whole selling method can feel weird and icky, depending on how strong of a moral conscience you have.

I think being careful of selling is a sign that you are the right person with a great heart, so it’s okay.

But this is the thing you must know now:

People are desperate for solutions to their problems. And just as valuable, people only respect the jobs they spend for.

Unless they buy in, free information isn’t treated the same way as paid information. People take the information much more severely when they have forked over the bills for it.

It’s like a 15-year-old whose parents give him a Mercedes.

The kid didn’t pay for it, so they don’t value it. It’s not too long before Johnny ends up in a ditch and walking around like a self-important jerk because of it.

People are okay with paying for stuff and information. Most people like shopping.

And the stupid point is that people will thank you for it!

eBooks and Courses are fudging ridiculous.

Let me give you a summary of why digital products are the shiznit for bloggers…

  • No shipping required. Physical products need to be shipped, and that means you will have to be the one handling that.
  • Earnings are all yours, minus a few performance fees. Decidedly fewer businesses can say that, due to standard overhead costs when running most businesses (workers, workspace, etc.).
  • It can be automated and passive. Most of the profit we get is now set on autopilot.
  • We don’t have to do anything much, and sales continue to roll in.
  • People love instant gratification. The downside is that people like to have products they can hold, but the upside is that they can get started using your product or solution IMMEDIATELY. People want that kind of immediate gratification.
  • You can make 1 in less than a month. Most of our favorite products take PK and me about ten days to create. Since there usually is just one of you, a month is more than enough time to build your product.
  • It puts you in the operator seat. Being an affiliate is fantastic, especially if you don’t feel like you can make any changes to the current product. That being said, members can have their income taken away at any time because they don’t own the product. It’s something to keep in mind.

Just said? Ok, let’s move onto the following section…

2. Build the connection first (aka how to sell ice to Eskimos).

Let’s assume like your best friend ran up to you right now and asked you for $100 – no questions asked.

They said it was necessary and needed it right now!

You’d give it to them, right?

That’s because you have trust in them.

Sales are about trust. A simple analogy to relate to is affinity.

Let’s assume you’re walking up to your porch and about to enter your place when some guy off the street walks up and asks you to sleep with him…

Stranger danger doesn’t develop trust for sales.

You’d probably think:

  • This guy is a creep…
  • Where’s my pepper spray?
  • HELP!

And I hope that you wouldn’t continue

Now let’s imagine the same guy isn’t some weirdo on the street but is someone you’ve just newly met at your local supermarket. You’ve been on a few dates, have a lot of fun with him, and all your friends gush about how much they love him.

You’re on your doorstep again, and he asks if he can come in…

Good turpitude aside, you’d probably say yes, correct?

Same guy, same question – what’s different?

The exemption is the trust he has developed with you, and building trust is all about proper sequencing.

If I try to kiss you before I’ve even talked to you, things are going to be weird.

But after a date and some scintillating conversation?

Just like dating, your connection with your reader must grow and progress before they purchase your product.

Question too soon and your reader may slap you in the face with a sarcastic comment.

Ask at the right time, and they will happily “go home” with you and love every second of it (if you treat them right).

3. Create ideas and PLAN.

The next phase includes forming your idea and thinking out your timeline to finish the product.

  • Gather intel. Study your competitors, your current audience, your most popular content, and whatever other information you have at your disposable. See it is working for others in your niche, examine your own most popular content to see what YOUR audience is most interested in, etc.
  • Form your opinion. Analyze the information that you have found from point #1 and put it collectively to decide what it is that your audience truly needs and wants the most.
  • Begin planning. Set a time and date to end along with weekly checkpoints along the way.

4. Begin with an outline.

A complete outline of a digital product is more complicated than most of you would imagine. Here’s what a great framework will have:

. Product Name

This should be short & sweet and make sure it is revealing!

. Product Headline

The headline for your product is the essential thing you will write about.

This is quite similar to the headlines of your articles and the subject of your emails. Be sure that you are outline either the problem or the solution in your headline.

Product Content

This is where I outline what is indeed in the product. If it’s eBooks or an eCourse, you should list the main topics you design to cover.

5. Write a rough sketch.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Once you know what your product is going to be, what you want it to seem like, and what problem you want to solve by it – it’s a regular attack.

Some days, you may get a few hours made, and some days, a few minutes. But every day, you want to wake up with that draft on your mind.

YOU DO NOT want this process to stretch over many months.

How to Create and Sell Digital Products on your Blog

computer guy meme will appear over your head at every turn and become a constant stressor on your way.

Trust us, we have built almost ten different products now, and product creation can be VERY stressful. Don’t drag it out!

Attack that sketch until it gets done. You’ll be on the moon when it is!

6. Finalize the Product.

Here are the following steps for getting everything set…


Don’t forget to PROOFREAD your records one last time. Do it first yourself, and then make sure to have someone else correct it as well.

The more close you are with the content, the more likely you will be to read faster and miss grammatical errors. Make sure to have someone else read it over thoroughly.

Finalize your products.

Add your disclaimers and pick what platform you are going to sell your product on. We suggest Clickfunnels for eBooks and Teachable for online courses.

Those are the platforms that we use!

7. Publish Your Product.

Here is a summary of what the next few steps will look like. Note: We go into much more detail on these steps and the rest of the steps in this pattern in our Six-Figure Blogger Course.

Build your sales page, checkout form, and Thank You page

Clickfunnels and Teachable make this comparatively easy because they both have very easy-to-use sales page builders.

Make sure to add great images of your product on your sales page!

Examine everything to make sure that it works!

Just make a fraudulent purchase and walk through everything a few times, just as your customer would. The purpose of this is that you will almost ALWAYS have missed something.

There are such multiple different integrations and links in your sales funnels from purchasing to electronic delivery of the product that it can be straightforward to make small errors along the way.

It also assists in getting a friend or partner to go over the sales page again to look for flaws.

Once everything has been examined… CONGRATS! You have a live product!

But this does not mean you are finished, my friend!!!

No, no, no. It has only begun! 🙂

8. Learn How to Sell.

Guys… I’ll be straightforward…

Building the product is a Simple part of this process. Learning how to market and sell your product is an entirely different ballgame.

Our first product failed badly because we tried to dive in headfirst without any guidance whatsoever. Here’s the thing…

The product wasn’t an obstacle. It was that we had ZERO ideas on how to sell it.

You can’t merely link a product on your website and wait for the sales to roll in. It doesn’t go that way. You have to create deals, focus on writing content, sales funnels, and more.

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