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MailChimp vs ConvertKit for Email Marketing Software for Bloggers.

What was the first investment you made on your blog?

I bet you remember what that was…

Investing in your blog is scary in the beginning, especially when you haven’t made a single cent from it.

After hosting and a premium WordPress theme, I wanted to invest in a solid email service provider.

Most of my mentors had suggested going for Mailchimp because it’s free for the first 2000 subscribers and is great for people who are starting out.

But I was hearing lots of feedback from Facebook groups about the limitations of Mailchimp…..undelivered email sequence

…being charged for duplicate subscribers.

I had a certain vision for how I wanted to conduct my blog business.

At the heart of it was targeted email marketing based on subscribers interests. I also wanted to incorporate content upgrades from Day 1 as well as email courses.

I was a subscriber of a lot of bloggers’ email lists and I had seen a fair bit of what I liked and didn’t and what I wanted to incorporate into my own business.a

I explored Mailchimp as well as the other email service providers like Infusionsoft and Aweber.

But they seemed complicated with a steep learning curve.

After reading up on what Convertkit vs Mailchimp had to offer, I was certain that Convertkit would deliver on that vision for my business.

In this post I outline my considerations for choosing Convertkit. There are videos that walk you through the Convertkit dashboard too.

Convertkit allows multiple forms per list

In Converkit, subscribers come in to your system through forms. It could be an opt-in form at the end of your blog post or a landing page form. Each opt-in form can be linked to an incentive (your free download, or pdf).

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

With Convertkit, you can add multiple incentives or lead magnets by simple choosing ‘add form’.

If you’re offering a new content upgrade on each blog post, you can add an individual form to the end of your blog post for your audience to sign up.

Here is an example I have on my website.

Here are how the forms appear in the system. As you can see, I have 1 for each content upgrade.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

Mailchimp only allows one opt-in form per list.

Tags & Segmenting

Convertkit works by tagging or segmenting susbscribers. You can add a tag to each subscriber that comes in through your forms.

If someone opts-in to my incentive ’27 Productivity tools & hacks’ , I can tag them as ‘interested in productivity’, for instance. If the same person subscribes to another incentive, I can tag them again. One subscriber can have a few interests and this is how convert kit works.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

But, you are not double or triple charged a subscriber.

I’ll touch on this again below.

With tags, you can have 1 subscriber on several forms and courses and the system auto-de-duplicates. This way, no subscriber will get your email twice, even if they are on several forms.




Send highly personalized emails

Perhaps you have a beta version of a copyrighting course you want your subscribers to trial, you can send your email to subscribers who opted into your content upgrade on your copyrighting blog post series. You can tag them beforehand, like I mentioned above.

Then select from the drop down list, filter the subscribers you want to email by tag, form or sequence. This way, your message does not have to go out to your entire list.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

One subscriber–several interests

As I mentioned before, Convertkit does not charge for duplicate subscribers.

With Mailchimp, you are charged for duplicate subscribers if say a subscriber was interested in 2 or more of your incentives.

Personalised branding through custom messages

You can personalise the entire brand experience for your subscribers through custom messages.

Once they signed up for your incentive through a form, you can choose to display the standard ‘thank you for subscribing’ message or redirect them to your personalised thank you page.

You can even choose to have your incentive on your thank you page so that your subscribers can download it immediately. It’s entirely up to you.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

The same is possible after they have clicked to confirm your subscription or download your incentive.  You can send them to a separate landing page or another relevant page on your website.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

Show custom content

If a subscriber has already subscribed, Convertkit gives you the option to show custom content rather than the same opt-in form or to hide the form. This way you don’t waste the ‘real estate’ on your website and can continue to serve relevant messages to your audience.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp


Double or Single opt-in

There is a lot of debate on single and double opt-ins. With Mailchimp, the subscriber has to click confirm before being subscribed to your list.

Several times, subscribers forget to do so and get to it a few days later only to wonder which newsletter they had subscribed to.  With Convertkit, the confirmation email is the download link. It just yields two results from one click (confirmation of subscription and link to downloadable file).

But you can still choose to do a double opt-in by un-checking that small box. Instead of download, you can have click here to confirm.

Whatever you prefer, you can do that with Convertkit.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp


Ever been on a launch email list and kept getting bombarded with launch emails when you’re not interested in the product..but you have no way of unsubscribing from the launch sequence without unsubscribing from the entire list?

With Convertkit, your subscriber has the choice to leave your launch sequence but still stay on your list. When someone clicks the link it unsubscribes them from the course but keeps them on my list. This is how it looks.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

You can create custom templates for every launch or promo email that you do. If it no longer serves the customer, they can opt-out but still remain on the list.

Sequence (Auto responders)

So subscribers come in through forms that you create. You can hook these forms up to a sequence. A sequence in a series of drip emails that go out to your subscribers. You can choose the interval and the frequency. Several forms can be linked up to a single sequence.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

If you were creating a free email course, you create a new sequence and hook this sequence up to a form.

It’s as simple as that.

You can also craft a series of welcome messages and have it automatically go out to your subscribers, like I’ve done above.

Broadcast emails

If you need to have an email go out to everyone on your list, you can do it with broadcast emails.

Automatic product pitches

You can also tag people who have bought a product. So if they purchased your ebook on gumroad, you can tag them ‘purchased ebook A’. The next time you are sending your promo emails, you can exclude subscribers tagged ‘purchased ebook A’.

You set up a trigger to remove the subscriber from the sequence once they have purchased your product.

The opportunities for targeted marketing are endless in Convertkit and there is no ONE way to do something.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

Increase email open rates with resends to unopened emails

You can resend emails to people who did not open your email or missed out on it by tweaking your email subject headline or copy.


The most frequent complain I hear is that since Convertkit is new so they don’t have many integrations. I just want to say that the team at Convertkit has been adding several new integrations every month.

They currently have several integrations. Some of the popular ones are with Gumroad, DPD, Sumome, Teachable, Sendowl, Lead pages, ejunkie and many more. They continue to add integrations every single month.


Landing page

The landing pages at Convertkit are simple. They have 4 templates to choose form. You can change up the colour and text very easily.

Stop guessing.Create the exact lead magnet your audience wants and needs! Don't make the lead magnet mistakes outlined in this post!

If you know CSS, you can customise it even further. The slide-in landing page is the most popular at Convertkit.

But to be fair, lead pages offers far greater choices for landing pages. For me, I did not want to be paying a separate service for landing pages and was happy to have this combined with my email marketing service provider.

Convert kit is continually adding new features and they may add more landing page styles.

Multiple form styles

With a single click you can make your form in-line, modal pop-up, or a slide in form. These features are built right into ConvertKit.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

Email templates

Convertkit email templates are basic. The premise behind Convertkit is that simple emails are better for business because they are more personalised, don’t appear commercial and are more likely to get opened by subscribers.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp

But if you need email templates with lots of graphics for your business then Convertkit is not for you.

This is what Mailchimp does better.

It has a feature filled email designer with several templates to choose from.

Easy integration with WordPress

You just need to download the Convertkit plugin, hook it up with your API key. Then select from a drop down list the forms you would like embedded at the bottom of your post. It’s as simple as that.


The fabulous thing about Convertkit is that it gives you access to its full features, triggers, automations, landing pages, forms no matter what pricing tier you are on. There are no limits to anything–forms and landing pages included.

Pricing goes by the number of subscribers you have.

The lowest tier is $29 for 1000 subscribers. 1000 subscribers is one of the first milestones for new bloggers. For 3000 you pay $49 a month.

Why I decided to invest in convert kit vs mailchimp


Their tutorials and blogs have all the answers and you’ll be able to find what you are looking for with a simple search.

They also have detailed explanations for how to integrate services like gum road with convert kit. But if you really do need help, the team is great and any question I have is answered within the day.

If you’re wondering about how to import your list from Mailchimp, you can check out their tutorial here.


Used to be, only the big bloggers with several thousand subscribers on their list had access to sophisticated email marketing systems.

But Convertkit gives even new bloggers access to a robust email marketing platform that’s easy to use. It lets you give a highly targeted and personalised branding experience for your subscribers and to deliver on your marketing vision.

I don’t think anyone should be limited by the size of your list. And we’re starting to hear more stories of people with lots of success with a tiny list. These are the reasons I was sold on Convertkit. $29 is not a lot but when you’re starting out, it is a sizeable investment to make.

But you’ll be doing your list building the right way. There won’t be any catching up or migrations to make when you’re in the midst of building your business.

If you have any questions on Convertkit, drop me an email. I’ll be happy to answer them. I know that this can be a heavy decision.

If any of the above explanation seem daunting, please don’t be overwhelmed. It really is not. Just like any system, it takes some getting used to but with the step-by-step tutorials and support, you’ll get the hang of it really fast.

If you’re ready to up your email marketing game and check Convertkit out, just click the link below. They offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. Grab an account, pay for the first month, give it a try, and if you’re not completely satisfied you can write in to cancel and get a refund in that first 30 days.



What’s stopping you from switching to ConvertKit? Let me know in the comments below.

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