This Secret Success-Formula Will Make You A Multi-Millionaire Overnight

Do you want to know a formula that could change your whole life? I’ve interviewed the multi-millionaire Grant Cardone and this what he said:

Idea + Hard Work * Long Period Of Time + Discipline = Success

When these variables meet at the right time, you’ll not only be extremely rich and successful, you will leave a legacy, people will remember you for what you did.

See there are many people trying to sell you the simple formula that will solve all your problems and make you rich quick like its nothing, but the harsh truth always stays hidden.

In fact 98 % of the people don’t know and never read what I’m going to share next with you today.

Before I tell you how to reverse engineer this formula, you need to first understand it.

Idea: What is an idea? An idea is a thought or collection of thoughts generated in your mind. It usually happens when you ask questions, for example how can i make 100 bucks passively, you first of all ask the question and your brain subconsciously gives an answer. Remember this for your entire life: Thinking is a process of asking questions and answering them. You usually have 7.000 thoughts a day (Yes you ask 7000 question and answer them, but 95 % of the time you aren’t even aware of it).

The idea should be simple, because complicated things never work. Read it again, complicated things never work. And now please do me a favor and remember that for your entire life. Complicated things never work BECAUSE you will have difficulties implementing it and you just won’t bring it out to the public. That’s always the case. So have an idea, be it selling T-Shirts, writing kindle eBooks (like me), selling physical products on ebay, amazon, fba, and many many more.

+ Hard Work, hard work means, massive action, huge amounts of action, 10x the effort. If you are cold calling 10 people a day, scale that up to a 100. By the way studies have shown that it takes 180 cold calls to make 1 single sale. That’s the average amount of calls it takes to make this one sale. But this is what it takes to be successful.

* Long Period Of Time, this is the challenging part, it means not giving up. People overestimate what they could accomplish in a year and underestimate what they could accomplish in a decade. Just don’t give up, hang on it. If you keep going you are the 1 %. Because 99 % of the people will give up. We call them dabblers, they settle they quit, they try new things, they settle, they quit. Are you one of them? Or are you the 1 %, which we call winners?

+ Discipline, why do you need discipline you now ask me? Let me give you a simple sentence: If you do it once, you’ll do it twice. So if you see yourself wasting time, not doing what you should be doing, you maybe say oh its just one time. But studies showed us that 96 % of the time when we do something for once, we tend to do it a second time. For example smoking, do you remember your first cigarette? Didn’t you say i’ll just try it once?

= Success, All these variables equal success. Now people will call you “naturally gifted”. Little do they know, it wasn’t easy!

Thank you for reading this article. I hope I could help you with this formula. It is one of the few that actually work.

Like really, in this formula is everything you need to succeed in this life.

Finally if you want to be a millionaire then you need to adapt their strategys, their rules, their habits.

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